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Gloomy light and beguiling shadows

New Album - 'Hint of Light' (Release: October 28, 2022)
For their sixth album "Hint of Light" the electronic pop band ROIA got prominent support: Christian Eigner, tour drummer and creative partner of the legendary synth group Depeche Mode, co-produced the record and played the drums.


An alternative pop music project
post trip hop influenced, creating music in own recording studio

In a closed capsule of trust, 3 musicians with diverse musical backgrounds compose, write, record, arrange, mix and master songs that do not seem to fit into any accurate category - that's what makes them so refreshing.

Under the guise of simplicity, electronic pop songs support acoustic instruments and take on unusual forms while two fragile voices tell intimate stories from one single point of perspective. Unusual and yet familiar. It's some kind of distinct thoughtfulness or caution that makes ROIA's music feel alien and unique. They seem unaffected by the zeitgeist of modern music - or are they ahead?

ROIA and their music take a closer look at human emotions as their songs are tantalizing little mirrors that play with the idea that only the brave dare to catch a glimpse of themselves - unembellished.

Like a melodic journey within, an inner monologue, or shared diary notes, ROIA take time to explore everyday feelings in musical moods and pictures and are certainly not afraid of the details that could potentially alter perceptions... if you just let them.


Hint of Light

Album (2022)

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'RED SUN' (video version)

Album: Hint of Light


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